Vichy Mineral 89
Vichy is an international (originally French) brand of cosmetics based on thermal water from the same-name source.

To tell the story of the brand, including its ups and downs in the cosmetics market. To convey the company's mission and its USP in the market.

Concept, storyboard
Project manager
Daniel Zhukov
Maxim Zadorozhny
Daniel Ihnatenko
Daniel Zhukov

Speaking about different stages in the brand's life, we used contrasting techniques in several visual storytelling aspects: graphics, speed of events, and voice-over.
The video begins minimally: only the key semantic elements on a white background. A limited color palette and simple to primitive forms create the initial setting and convey the company development stage left behind. Suddenly, for the viewer, when the solution to the problem is found in the story, the mood changes dramatically, and the screen is filled with bright, lively, three-dimensional photos. This combination of video and animated illustrations does not allow the viewer to get bored through the entire video.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Then the style returns to the animation again, but much more dynamic and mobile than at the start. In this part of the video, the emphasis is on info-graphics. Contrasting visual solutions are harmoniously intertwined with each other and remain within the framework of the classical style, so they will always be in trend.
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