My name is Daniel. I'm motion designer based in Toronto
I craft playful motion in 2D and 3D, focusing
on animation and visual storytelling.
Selected Work
Role - 3D Animation, VFX
Role - Animation
(0:00-0:03, 0:10-0:35)
Role - Storyboard, Animation
Role - LookDev, Animation
(0:04-0:08, 0:36-0:47)
What do I do exactly?
Motion Graphics
I will communicate your message using motion graphics and 2D animation.
3D Animation
I will animate camera and environment, bringing life to any scene.
I will turn your script into a visually explained document, easy to work with for animator.
Character Animation
I will bring any character to life, be this 2D or 3D, covering the process from rigging to polishing.
I will dive deep in a case studies to come up with the best industry decisions for specific project.
Look Development
I will gather all assets in a place, set Shading, Lighting, and Render settings up.
From small beginnings come great things!
Let's speak! Simply drop me a line at hi@motionzhuke.com
or use this form